1. Title: The Association shall be known as the AUSTIN SEVEN CLUBS ASSOCIATION. 2. Objects: To promote co-operation between clubs and groups having active interest in the Pre-War Austin Seven. In doing so the Association will provide a National body to represent and protect these interests. The Association will also co-ordinate the activities of the clubs and groups, and keep and maintain a Register of cars and their owners. 3. Eligibility: Any club or group that can show an active interest in the Pre-War Austin Seven. These organisations will, through their nominated representatives comprise the General Committee of the Association. Any new Club or Group to be considered for representation shall be invited by the secretary and elected by the General Committee. 4. Definition of Member: The General Committee shall be constituted so that each individual club shall (through its nominated representatives) be considered one member of the Association. An individual club shall be one having its own independent subscription and paying such contribution to the Association as may be agreed as the Annual Fee. The General Committee may also invite Associate members to attend their meetings. An Associate shall be a group or service specialising in a particular section of matters related to the Pre-War Austin Seven. An Associate will not have individual membership contribution to their service and should this status change they may apply to become a Member of the Association. 5. Representatives: Each member shall have at least one permanent representative. in any one year and a maximum of two. Any club having individual groups can have a further representative at the General Committee for each group providing such a person is nominated and accepted by the General Committee. Associate members will also have one nominated person attending General Committee. All change of representatives shall be notified to the General Secretary before any meeting takes place requiring their representation. 6. Management: The General Committee in full accord of its members shall transact all business of the Association. Any member can call for a vote where necessary but normally the call for a vote will be from the Chair of the meeting. 7. Voting: Voting at General Committee meetings shall normally be by a count of a General Vote from one representative of each member, group or associate PROVIDING ALWAYS that a member has not called for a Members Vote. A Member Vote shall be final when called for and will supplant any previous General Vote. It is the duty of the Chair to obtain the agreement of members to the voting procedure acceptable to them. Any member may call for a Members Vote by Ballot either on Committee or on a written proposition presented to the General Secretary and communicated to all members. The General Secretary shall receive and count such a ballot. 8. Voting Powers: General Vote shall be as defined allowing one single vote on committee to each member, members group or associate. A members vote shall be on the basic of ONE VOTE for each subscribing member (as defined). Where a member has one or more member groups they shall between themselves determine how their vote will be cast. Associates, whilst taking part in any discussion, will have no vote on a Members Vote. Where opinion is equally divided the chair will have a casting vote only on a General Vote but on a Members Vote shall also be able to vote as a member where the Chairman also is entitled to a members vote. 9. Members Voting: No Association business put to a Members Vote shall be transacted without obtaining half of the number of votes of the General Committee, IN TOTAL, as constituted at the time. Where a proposition obtains only half of the total member votes, the Chair shall have a casting vote. 10. Officers: The General Committee shall elect or re-elect its Officers Annually at the first meeting of eat year. Nominations for election or offers of services for re-election must normally be made at the first Year, General Committee. The Officers of the Association shall be General Secretary and Honorary Treasurer but the General Committee may from time to time nominate or elect representatives for specific duties either individually or jointly as a subcommittee. All committee shall elect a chairman at the first meeting and also elect or re-elect a chairman at the first meeting of each year. 11. General Secretary: The elected General Secretary shall attend in person (or by deputy nominated by him) all meetings of the Association General Committee and shall take the minutes of the meeting. Copies of these meetings shall be kept in a book or-file and made available at all General Committee Meetings. The Committee shall always approve the minutes of all the meetings. The General Secretary shall also act as the receiver of all Association correspondence (dealing with same as necessary) notify all meetings and act generally as the Officer of the Association. 12. Honorary Treasurer: The elected Hon. Treasurer shall receive all moneys paid to the Association and pay them direct into the Bank Account in the name of the Association. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep an account of all money received and payments made, and keep the General Committee advised on the balance of such account from time to time or when requested. Withdrawals and All Payments shall be made by cheque signed by the Hon. Treasurer and the General Secretary. 13. Finance: The finance of the Association shall derive from the Annual Fee of the Member Clubs agreed each year by the first General Committee of that year. Any monies received of these becoming available as a result of the Association activities or existence shall be paid direct to the Association Bank Account through the Hon. Treasurer. 14. Fee: The agreed Annual Member Fee shall be paid to the Association each year not later than the 31st March of that year. Unless sufficient explanation is forthcoming the member will be deemed to have seceded from the Association. The General Committee may accept a reduced subscription from a member up to half the annual subscription for part of a year. 15. Meetings: As the Association, the General Committee shall meet as often as deemed necessary and not less than four times per annum. Any member may call for a special meeting of the General Committee by written notice to the General Secretary. All meetings shall be advised by the General Secretary to all members at least 14 days prior to the date of that meeting. 16. Events and Promotions: The Association may support, co-ordinate or promote the events or activities of the members. It may do likewise for other events of non-members with the approval of the General Committee Members may seek the Associations recognition of principal events for inclusion in the Association Annual Calendar which will be drawn up at the first meeting of the General Committee each year. 17. Publications: The Association may from time to time issue publications related to the Pre-War Austin Seven, owners of same, including the production of a Magazine or News Sheet, subject to the approval of the General Committee. 18. Secession: A Member will be deemed to have seceded from the Association if: 1. Annual Fee of the Association is not paid by the 31st March of the year in question. 2. That the Member Club or Group has not been represented at three consecutive General Committee Meetings without satisfactory explanation to the General Committee. 3. If the General Committee requests a Member to relinquish membership due to violation of the Constitution of Rules, or for activities against the best interests of the Association, or the other Members. In all cases no refund of contribution or other monies will be payable by the Association. 19. Dissolution: The Association may be dissolved at a Special General Committee meeting convened on the requisition (in writing to the General Secretary) by a majority of members. The resolution will be put to the vote (as defined) and if carried the General Committee shall forthwith liquidate the affairs of the Association and all assets and any monies from the proceeds of liquidation shall be divided equally among the members. 20. General: No Member or person shall represent the Association in any way whatsoever without the express consent of the General Committee. The Association may support such services or activities either direct or indirect or through its members which are beneficial or useful to the owners of Pre-War Austin Sevens. All Members shall promote the Association generally to further the aims and activities of the Association Nationally and the Members of local clubs or Groups within the Association. 21. Change of Constitution or Rules: Any alteration shall be made- only on a Members Vote (as defined) providing that one clear month is allowed beforehand for Members to consider the proposition. Any amendment or addition shall be added to the Rules and Constitution as an additional item at the end of the original document deleting any clause or sentence and adding the new requirement. 22. Observance and Interpretation of the Constitution and Rules: Every Member or Associate bind themselves to the Constitution and Rules as herewith documented or modified. Interpretation of the Rules and Constitution will be by the General Committee and their decision in such matters will, in cases of dispute or disagreement, be final. Reprinted: February 2010