Austin Seven Advertising Designed to get more Austin Sevens onto the Register

The advertisement shown here in landscape format is appearing in the 6th November 2013 issue of Classic Car Weekly together with an article they have written on the Austin Seven.

Once run, the advertisement can now be downloaded from this site for use in your club magazine. It's available for download either in landscape format or as a quarter page. Just click on the ad you want! Our registrar Jim Blacklock has been working his socks off to gather together as much information as he can on the surviving Austin Sevens, of which there are now over 10,700, and if by advertising in your own magazine we can get even more cars on the Register that would be fantastic. Please download it to your computer and please pass on to your Club magazine Editor. Best wishes Graham Baldock Committee member - A7CA Publicity and PR For all enquires please contact our PR and Publicity Officer

New Booklet! SOLD OUT

Every current subscriber to the Association magazine  will receive a free copy of 'Identifying Austin Sevens from their Factory Initials'. soldout This is a more detailed extension to the A3 poster available below.

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 A7CA Reference Posters

Below are links to Reference Posters for Austin Sevens. If you require a higher resolution copy please contact our PR and Publicity Officer The Reference Poster has recently been updated with the help from Dave Martin. Reference Letters PosterModel Type Poster Body Type List Model Letter Reference Poster Model Types Identification Poster NEW Body Types Reference Sheet