Index Cards

Index CardsThe Index Cards form part of the Austin Seven Clubs’ Associations Archive, originating from the factory. As part of the Archive Project these are being digitalised and to be published on our future Online Archive.

The Longbridge Service Dept Card Index was discovered in an old wooden cabinet in the mid 1960’s and rescued by Bob Wyatt. This cabinet also contained Car Record index cards, which were records of every individual car produced. Unfortunately, Bob was only able to rescue the wooden drawer containing the Service Dept cards which record changes made during the production of the Austin Seven, Big Seven and Eight. There are approximately 120 Big Seven and 510 Seven cards. The Seven cards are arranged in part no. order, starting at BA and ending with BZ ,with sections on bodies, vans and sports. Each section is generally arranged with typed post 1932 cards, followed by earlier hand written cards. Bob generously donated the wooden drawer containing the cards to the A7CA in May 2013. See A7CA mag 2010C p.10 and A7CA mag 2013D p18.

The first sample of the work is available to download in PDF format. The BA Crankcase card index forming 27 pages.

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More details about the Archive Project can be found here.