Archive Project Meeting – 10th July 2016

Austin 7 Clubs Association Archive project, Meeting No.7

Sunday July 10th

The Dun Cow,

The Green, Dunchurch, Rugby CV22 6NJ

  1. Those present:

Phil Baildon – Association Archivist
Hugh Barnes – Cambridge Austin 7 and Vintage Car Club
Nick Beck – Bristol and Scottish Austin 7 Club
Chris Charles – Web Master
Chris Garner – Association Vice-chair and PWA7C
Andy Lowe – Association Chairman and Midlands A7 Club

  1. Apologies for absence

Ruairidh Dunford – Scottish A7 Club
Dave Martin – Asst Archivist and PWA7C
Nick Turley – PWA7C

  1. Minutes of meeting 6

Were deemed correct

  1. Progress since last meeting
    1. Approach those with known collections of Handbooks (Action PB, CG)

CG has spoken to well known A7 owner and has been invited to visit him to review his collection. As that is quite a distance, Chris can claim mileage for that trip

CG and PB have spoken to a leading motoring bookseller and have been invited to review his private collection

  1. Create Spreadsheet catalogue for all Handbooks and Parts Lists (Action AL)

Complete. As well as Parts Lists and Handbooks, Oil charts have been included

  1. Specification for Archive Web pages complete (Action HB, CC, RD)


  1. Archive web pages development commenced (Action CC)

See item 6

  1. Open day plan complete at detailed level (Action PB, All)

See Item 7

  1. Photographer and Article author secured for Open Day

See item 7

  1. Copyright research (Action CG, HB)

CG will ask of VSCC for any experience they have had in this area

  1. Trophy storage extended

Complete. Storage has now been arranged for a further year at a cost of £576. Costs to be borne by general Association funds, not project

  1. Photos counted (Action PB, AG, DM)

In progress. A lengthy process See item 5

  1. Initial ordering and catalogue of photos in progress (Action PB, AG, DM)

As above

  1. Digital Archivist post re-advertised (Action CG)

Done. HB to contact person who showed interest in the post but then withdrew

  1. Paper for Association requesting additional funding (Action HB)

Compete. See item 8

  1. Collection arrangements from HCC in hand (Action PB, CG)

See item 9

  1. Publicity of Project and greater involvement in Forum etc (Action All)


  1. Paint charts access from Cambs A7 owner (Action HB)

Loan agreed but details need sorting out. They are not for long term loan and details of how and when they are to be used need to be worked out. HB to discuss with PB

This is a joint project started by A10DC (Tony Mealing) to put modern paint references to the unknown base colours of prewar charts. PB has already sent Tony a photocopy from about 20 show brochures within our archive.


  1. Photo Collection sorting

Work has started by the Thursday group with initial sorting having seen duplicates and irrelevant photos weeded out. First sub-sorting is into cars/people/places and will develop from there.

  1. Archive Web page development update

CC gave a demonstration of his initial prototype work on the Archive pages. He has.  built a completely new set of pages that will be added to the Association web site when complete. Early progress is encouraging and met with the group’s complete approval. Chris is keen to get hold of the digital images from HCC to load.

  1. Open Day

PB shared with the group a detailed plan both in what would happen before and on the day and a schematic showing where everything will be placed. The staffing of the hourly rota was discussed. It was decided that a minimum of 10 people would be required on the day. A quick discussion showed that those 10 people could come from the Project Team. Other aspects of discussion were

There should be specific invitations to the following:

  • Tim Thornton, Jeweller (responsible for some of the Trophy restoration)
  • Members of the Hadley family
  • Peter MacFadyen – independent photographer and ‘Automobile’ magazine
  • Bob Wyatt – Association President
  • Michael Ware – ex Beaulieu. AL to invite

It was agreed that we could show the Austin Publicity films on the laptop. AL to provide DVD if needed.

Hazel Gore to be approached to give history of the full size RP saloon drawing

Chris Garner will supply some wording for CC to put on the home page of the Assn. Web site. HB will ask for the event to be advertised on the home page of

I think it got overlooked in discussion – have we arranged for a photographer and article Author for the event?

  1. Budget

A further £5000 has been agreed from Association funds. With monies already committed and further estimates for Brochure digitisation and Web development Honorarium taken into account, the Project now has £3500 in reserve.

  1. Digitisation

HCC have completed the first tranche of work. That will be collected by a local Chummy owner (to be arranged through Bernard Griffiths). PB will talk to Bernard Griffith to arrange. Collection planned for a day between Monday 18th July and Friday 29th July. HB to alert HCC. CC will let PB and CG know when he will be in Brighton and can attend. Project will be represented by PB, CG and CC.

PB will deliver the Austin Brochures to HCC on Friday 2nd September

A discussion took place regarding digitisation of engineering drawings already at Leicester CC (Wigston). It was agreed that they should be asked to digitise one drawing as a sample and HCC asked to digitise another so a comparison could be made. CG suggested the engine and gearbox drawings would be ideal. HB to provide digitisation technical details to PB for Wigston.

  1. Publicity

CC plans to set up a mailing list that interested parties can sign up for. This will be for circulating news related to the Archive Project only..

  1. AOB

NB to pursue his connection with a local garage (to him) who may have a collection of interesting items

  1. Date of next meeting

Thursday 18th August at Lubenham, 10:30am

Task List for next Meeting

  1. Progress on private collections of Handbooks etc (Action CG, PB)
  2. Follow up with VSCC regards copyright (Action CG)
  3. Digital Archivist progress (Action HB)
  4. Paint chart progress – A10 Club project etc (Action HB, PB)
  5. Delivery of Brochures to HCC arranged (Action HB, PB)
  6. Sample drawings identified for digitisation: Wigston and HCC advised of ‘test’ pieces work (Action HB, PB)
  7. Provide digitisation technical details to PB for Wigston (Action HB)
  8. CC to set up Mailing List (Action CC)
  9. NB to speak to his local garage (Action NB)

Task List for Open Day

  1. Invites extended to specific guests (Action PB)
  2. Photographer and Article author arranged (Action PB)
  3. Staffing rota circulated (Action PB)
  4. Hazel Gore approached re RP drawing history (Action PB)
  5. Austin publicity film show arranged and tested (Action PB, AL)
  6. Chummy owner arranged for materials collection (Action PB)
  7. Collection of materials from HCC arranged (HB et al)
  8. Event advertised on Assn Web site and (Action CG and HB)