Archive Project Meeting – 8th December 2016

Austin 7 Clubs Association Archive project, Meeting No.10
Thursday, December 8th 2016 10:30am
Triumph Sports 6 Club,
36 Main St, Lubenham, Market Harborough LE16 9TF

  1. Those present:

Chris Garner – Association Vice-chair and PWA7C
Phil Baildon – Association Archivist
Ruairidh Dunford – Scottish Austin 7 Club
Hugh Barnes – Cambridge Austin 7 Club

  1. Apologies for absence

Dave Martin – Assistant Archivist & PWA7C
Nick Turley – PWA7C
Nick Beck – Scottish and Bristol A7 Clubs
Andy Lowe – Association Chairman
Chris Charles – Association WebMaster
Fenella Leigh – Cambridge Austin 7 Club

  1. Minutes of meeting 9

Were deemed correct

  1. Progress since last meeting
  1. PB,CG to have arranged to meet (or preferably have met) with owners of collection of archive materials

Arrangements in place for CG and PB each to visit the collections in January

  1. HB to follow up on someone to maintain the Excel Catalogue file

Done. Fenella Leigh has been welcomed to the team and has started work on Paint Card and Brochure catalogue entries

  1. PB to get copying costs from Wigston

Still not known. PB to chase

  1. PB et al to have started using NB’s accessions procedures. PB to give examples

Not yet commenced HB to ask FL to set up a ‘pro-forma’ for PB to use.

  1. Next Open Day. Decision early April 2017. PB to check date with Triumph Club

PB to confirm with TSSC that 2nd April 2017 is available

  1. HB Paint project ongoing work

HB has provided A10DC with details of the paint cards we have access to for them to add to the details they already have. HB working with Craftmaster Paints with the hope that we can help in the creation of a range of accurate colours.

  1. RD, DM, CC ongoing Index card re-ordering

RD has been working with a willing volunteer who has found the task daunting. RD is to provide print outs of all the card images from one section for that person to work with. RD to talk with CC regarding image numbering to be available on screen

  1. CG (all) Flyer for 2017a to be complete by 1st December and submitted to Editor


  1. PB to follow up with contact for Stanley Edge Military material

PB needs to follow up.

  1. CG – Clayton DeWandre materials long term home

CG has contacted Lincoln archives who are prepared to offer them a home

  1. NT, CC – edit and publish Bob Wyatt interview.

Interview produced and edited. Now with CC to publish in December.

  1. NT further interview candidates identified (CG to follow up with Austin Apprentices, AL to follow up with Austin Village)

Next candidate identified. HB to write requesting the interview. CG still in contact with Austin Apprentices but nothing yet. Suggestion we put something in the Longbridge local paper, Other suggestions noted for future potential interviews

  1. HB to create photo catalogue spreadsheet ‘pro-forma’ for trial
  2. HB to organise a ‘how to’ document for cataloguing photos

See later discussion re scanner

  1. HB to discuss trial photo publication with CC

See later discussion re scanner

  1. HB to undertake scanner research

Independently, HCC and Faye McLoed suggested an Epson Expression 10000XL

  1. DM to recommend how to ‘merge’ duplicated Index card headings


  1. Photo Collection

The collection was discussed and it was decided that it needs to be gone through and prioritised. There will be many photos that may not ever need to be digitised or certainly not in the first pass. At this point, item 7.2, Scanner acquisition was brought forward for discussion. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that we should look to buy one. Long term, this will be a cheaper option than getting images copied professionally and that at the end of its use, it would still have a resale value. HB to follow up on the purchase. If we can’t find one with any form of guarantee, then at least having it demonstrated as being fully operational before purchase is a must.

Methods of use were also discussed. The concept of a ‘distributed’ approach will be trialled in the first instance. The scanner will be housed with one person (possibly/probably HB) who will scan photos and create a single simple line entry on a dedicated catalogue. FL will also be able to access this and will fill out further information. Finally, others can contribute with the addition of description and any other further details. By approaching it this way, the workload is shared.

Sorting through the photo collection and prioritising a first ‘set’ will now be a task for the Thursday group.

  1. Archive Web update

Paint card images are now complete and with CC. Brochure images have been completed and sent by HCC to CC. CC also has to hand the audio files of the Bob Wyatt interview. FL is well on with the cataloguing of the paint cards and brochures that CC will need in readiness to upload to the Archive Web site.

Introductions are required for each ‘set’ HB will do Paint Cards and Interviews. PB to provide suitable wording for Brochures. Publication date for new materials is set for December 15th, so these need to be provided immediately.

  1. Potential for use of existing drawing images


HB referred the group to many images of engineering drawing that were already published on the Association web site and that these should be catalogued and brought into the new Archive area. Although they may not be of the quality we strive for now, they should be considered a simple source of images to add more resources to the Archive. Quality can be reviewed after their publication and decisions made as to whether they need replacement with better quality images

Similarly, RD has a series of images of a Stanley Edge notebook which he can provide for use. Another Stanley Edge notebook also exists. RD will liaise with CC to create a new section of the archive dedicated to Stan.

  1. Budget

As reported in previous meetings, our un-committed funds are in the region of £3500. Outstanding amounts include the Brochures digitised by HCC, initially quoted at £1625. However, some 14 of the 76 items sent were photocopies and not copied given our decision to only copy original materials. This should reduce that cost, somewhat.

  1. Digitisation
    1. Contractor for future work

The decision has clearly been made that we will use HCC for all digitisation work in the future. We have had excellent service from them, their work is of the highest quality and our relationship with them underpinned by them knowing exactly what we are trying to do and guiding/advising us accordingly.

  1. Possible Scanner acquisition

As stated in item 5, the decision was taken to purchase an appropriate quality scanner. HB will follow up on this

  1. Publicity

Even though we have had articles in the Grey Mag, posted updates on A7Friends forum and alerted the wider A7 community to minutes etc posted on the Assn. we site, there are still people who say they haven’t heard of the Archive Project and don’t know of the web site. RD referred to the Dorset Club having re-printed the last Project newsletter in its entirety in their Club Magazine.

RD will take on the production of the next Newsletter making reference to Paint Cards, Brochures and interviews that are next to be published. HB will write a short paragraph on the Paint Cards. NT will be asked to write a paragraph on the Bob Wyatt interview, PB will write a paragraph on the Brochure collection. HB will pass the newsletter in electronic form to all Clubs, Registers etc, asking them to include it in their next publication. The newsletter to be ready for release, mid-January.

HB suggested that we undertake a specific ‘outreach’ program with Project Team members offering themselves to Clubs local to them to provide a talk to their Members. HB will draft a Powerpoint for Team review that can be used by anyone undertaking such a talk.

By the Spring, there will be sufficient material posted on the web site to warrant encouraging an article in national Magazine such as the Automobile etc for further publicity.

  1. AOB

A steady stream of contributions to the Archive seems to have started. A recent collection kindly donated by a 7 owner is on its way. An 11kg parcel of Austin publications and other materials is already in the post. This will be followed by slides and photographs taken between the 1950s and the 1970s. Similarly,

PB showed the group a detailed drawing of the Cambridge Engineering body that had just been donated.

It was agreed by all, that donated material should be dealt with speedily – catalogued, digitised and published at the earliest opportunity. Should the donations contain duplicates of material already in the collection, then the best copy should be kept and the duplicates used to furnish other items for the collection –either by offering them as swaps or sale to raise funds. Those people donating such items should be made aware of this approach.

The ‘Stanley Edge’ collection, already referred to should also contain a video of a Central TV program about him made in 1984 by Central TV. CG will follow up with a contact he has that used to work for Central TV to attempt to gain permission to publish it (dealing with copyright issues)

  1. Date of next meeting

26th January 2017. Lubenham 10:30 am