Tracking down my old car

Steps to try and obtain information about a current owner of an Austin 7.

Please note that due to data protection legislation it is not possible to divulge the identity of any current owner. However there are steps that may lead to further information and contact with a current owner through one of our clubs.

The first step is a registration search on the DVLA website. This has been made easier of late as you are not required to provide the exact make and model as listed on their database. This search will provide some information on the current status of the vehicle. If the car is shown as taxed then there is a good chance that the car might still be on the road. As historic vehicles do not pay road tax, some of these vehicles may be in long term storage and still showing as taxed instead of being SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). A vehicle that shows as SORN may, unfortunately, not still be in existence if it has been dismantled.

If a vehicle is not on the DVLA database it may still be in existence e.g. exported.

The next step is a search on our register. Please bear in mind that this register only contains details of vehicles that their owners are happy to disclose. Sadly there are many that are not on our register.

The register will confirm the current details supplied by the latest owner and give some indication of how up to date the record is.

The most important information is the club that the vehicle was last registered with.

You can then make a request to this club (the contact details for all the clubs are available on this site under MEMBER CLUBS) to ask if the current owner will be happy to make contact.

We would love to hear any feedback on your search, whether positive or negative, to the Webmaster.